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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Shutout for Sele?

Listen, Gavin and I write about a lot of stuff on this site, and there have been plenty of posts where one of us have declared, "Get rid of Aaron Sele!" We both still believe that, but we also believe in fair treatment, and Aaron Sele definitely deserves a big, "Way to go!" for the gem he threw today. A complete game shutout. Wow. I did NOT think that Sele had that in him, but he pitched well. Got ahead of the hitters, hit his spots, kept the Padres off balance, and was in control of the game from start to finish. This was not a luck win, Sele even got the Padres to keep the ball on the ground. Now, Mariners management, don't get too convinced that Sele has it all figured out, please keep the leash short. But, Aaron Sele, good job!

Next up: Baltimore (ugh)

Good news: 5-4 homestand, first winning homestand since July of last year, and this was against the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the NL West leading Padres. Nice work, M's!

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