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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Series Preview: Phoenix Suns vs. the Evil San Antonio Spurs

Phoenix Suns (62-20): #1 seed
San Antonio Spurs (59-23): #2 seed
Head to Head matchup: San Antonio 2-1 (Phoenix's one win came when the Spurs were without Tim Duncan)

5 Prominent Questions:

1. What kind of defense will the Suns bring to the table? As always, any series with the Suns comes down to this question. You know the Spurs will bring it defensively, but the Suns will have to find a way to stop Tony Parker and (evil) Ginobli from darting to the rim every 30 seconds. Marion and Stoudamire can handle Duncan and Mohammed, but the guard play will be crucial.

2. Will Joe Johnson play? The little secret of the Phoenix Suns is how important Joe Johnson was to their play on both ends of the court. The Suns could always count on him for a clutch shot, he was Steve Nash's backup, and he was one of the better one-on-one defenders the Suns had. Of course, if he does come back, it might be at 60%, which is why Jim Jackson still might start.

3. How many flops will Ginobli have in this series? Will the air buffet him continually about the head and forearms? Will he continually have that grimace/smirk on his face? Will the refs continue to buy his acting (which, by the way, rivals that of Ben Affleck for believability and depth)? I used to like this team, but that is in the past as of the last series.

4. Will the Suns be able to run? I saw the first game between these two teams, where the Suns lost by a huge margin. It was the first game all season that I had seen the Suns be forced out of their game while the Spurs manhandled them on both ends of the court. The Suns are more ready for them now, and should be able to adapt to what the Spurs throw at them. This is where Mike D'Antoni will earn that Coach of the Year award, which should have been given to Nate McMillan.

5. How many times will Tim Legler talk about his undying love for the Spurs? Will he make kissy-faces at the screen while talking? Will Greg Anthony hold off on staring at him in utter disbelief?

Most important stat: As always for the Suns, the amount of points scored. If the game is won in the 90s, the Spurs will win. If the game is won in the 100s, the Suns will probably win. It's that simple, but it decides the battle of wills between these two teams.

Most important player: Steve Nash, hands down. It will be up to him to lead Phoenix's offense against the tight defense imposed by the Spurs. However, I predict that he will be more than up to the task, though it is more than likely that Phoenix will be blown out in one, if not two, games.

Fearless Prediction: I could not go to sleep at night if I picked the Spurs in this series. Suns in 7.

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