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Friday, May 27, 2005

Quick! Find the glint of hope!

What a horrible series at Baltimore. Not even worth a post. What I will say is that it finally looks like Jeremy Reed is starting to come around, even hitting his first home run. Hargrove likes what he sees, and we might see Reed back at the #2 slot before too long. He was one hitter that I was not that worried about, and I am glad to see him progress.

The hitter I am most concerned about, however, (beyond Beltre, for obvious reasons) is Miguel Olivo, simply because we invested so much in the trade for him. Freddy Garcia is pitching extremely well, and Olivo seems to have gotten worse, both offensively and calling a game. Is it a coincidence that Moyer and Sele had their best starts in a month after being caught by Pat Borders?

Next up: Tampa Bay, who just finished sweeping Oakland, proving that there is one team that is worse than us in the AL West.

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