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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Quarter Pole of MLB Season

I'm still enjoying this season overall, even with the terrible play of the Mariners, who now stand at 16-25, 8 games back of the Angels. Can you believe that? Only 8 games back? We were 8 games back after 2 weeks last season, and our record is pretty similar to last year. It goes to show that Gavin and I were right in one respect. The AL West was, and is, up for grabs, more so with the impending stint on the DL for Vladimer Guerrero. The A's can't hit, the Rangers can't consistently pitch, and the Angels can't consistently do either. Of course, the M's just stink. But... if we can just find a way to turn it around (hint: Aaron Sele is not the answer), we might have a few more interesting months to go at the very least. The "what if" question of the day - how many more games would Bobby Madritsch have meant to us at this point? 2? Maybe 3?

Memo to Beltre and Sexson: do something cool. Start doing that consistently. Beltre - stop swinging at breaking balls low and outside. Sexson - stop swinging and missing at everything.

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