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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"Nintendo" should be in the majors

Mariner fans read articles like this one about Felix Hernandez and ask a very legitimate question... exactly what "seasoning" does this kid still need? He has three quality pitches with variation. He throws all of them for strikes. He is dominating AAA ball. He responds from getting hit in the leg with his best performance of the year. His teammates call him "Nintendo" for how automatic the ball placement was. His movement is baffling hitters. All this, and we have to watch Moyer, Piniero, Franklin, Sele, Meche every day? Hello? Earth to Bavasi?

These articles also touch on how well Jose Lopez and Chris Snelling are doing. Can we just trade Bret Boone/Randy Winn and bring these kids up? At least Winn? People rave about his steadiness, but it's that steadiness that makes him MEDIOCRE. I hate writing this again. I will again when I finally take the time to write my quarter season report. He needs to be gone.

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