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Thursday, May 19, 2005

NBA Labor War Follow-Up

Here is the latest in the coming implosion of the NBA in the face of a league on the rise. This would be an incredibly stupid move.

Chad Ford has a couple of articles. The first details what went down yesterday, with the league calling off negotiations after the players association reneged on several compromises. There are a pair of asinine moves here by union head Billy Hunter. The first is having a meeting with player agents and then changing his stance on issues. That will in no way help him with the PR war. The second, and far worse, is his talk of racism.

"This was the same approach used by the league seven years ago," Hunter told ESPN. "At that time, the word was that [agents] David Falk and Arn Tellum and others were actually orchestrating and managing the negotiations. I thought it was repugnant and offensive at that time, and I think it's even more so now – the fact the inference is that me, as a black man, cannot operate an institution such as the union without having some white man oversee and legitimate whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing."

What on earth is Hunter thinking? For starters, many of the prominent agents are black, like the Goodwin brothers. Secondly, the reason fans don't like agents involved is because they don't trust agents, not because they could be white. Now Hunter has successfully ratched up the intensity and gained ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the process. What a dope.

Ford has a few reader comments in this blog that indicate my analysis is correct. Read and weep for the coming demise of NBA basketball in 2005.

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