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Monday, May 23, 2005

NBA Draft Needs

The NBA Draft is laughable, unless teams actually draft talent over hype. Anyways, check out Chad Ford's latest predictions. He has the Sonics replacing Jerome James and Vitaly Potapenko with Channing Frye, Ronny Turiaf, Charlie Villanueva, Wayne Simien or Ike Diogu. Out of these I would choose (in no particular order), Villanueva, Simien, or Diogu. Frye is too small and Turiaf has to show me a lot more. Diogu especially would give us the rebounding and defense of Reggie Evans with some actual scoring to boot. Nice. Diogu and Collison together would be pretty darn imposing. I'll go more into what I want us to do closer to the draft (i.e. hopefully when some of the free agent mess has been addressed).

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