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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nate McMillan: Your Options Are Disappearing!

I did not believe that Nate McMillan would be back as coach of the Sonics. There were great opportunities out there, places that could pay him more money, but a lot of those options are already closing.

Cleveland: This is where I thought Nate would land for one simple reason... LeBron James. Who would not want to coach this guy? I also thought that Cleveland would make a solid run at McMillan after whiffing on Phil Jackson. Imagine my shock when Cleveland goes with Indiana assistant head-coach Mike Brown, a veritable no-name in the coaching community.

Minnesota: I have no idea why they would do this, but reports link P.J. Carlesimo to the job, where he would reunite with the strangler, a.k.a. Latrell. Again, what? Nate is way better than P.J., and out definitely outperformed him as an NBA coach.

Lakers: Looks like Phil is coming back, though, even if he isn't, I would be hard-pressed to see Nate want to go coach Kobe.

Detroit: If Larry Brown does jet, which looks more and more likely, Flip Saunders is the obvious candidate that will be hired as soon as Joe Dumars can get on the phone.

Knicks: From the very beginning, this is the one job that I could never see McMillan take. Who would want to coach this team? A bunch of overpaid veterans that have no heart and never try on defense? A shoot-first point guard in Marbury? Absolutely no inside game? No way.

Where does that leave McMillan? Maybe back on the Sonics bench, which would be a huge surprise for me, but his options are already disappearing and the Sonics have only been done for a few weeks. That's how quickly the NBA offseason moves....

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