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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Most Annoying Commericials, Part Two

I've been watching a ton of basketball lately, and a few commercials are bugging the living daylights out of me.

1. "Pound One". Why the heck would hot chicks be all excited about Double Quarter Pounders "With Cheese". These must be completely different types of women than I've known, and the bodies they have are probably not created through consistent trips to McDonalds. Not to mention that this commercial was overdone during the NCAA tournament and then brought back now.

2. Into the West and The Closer previews on TNT. They looked like terrible shows the first preview and by the 150th preview looked like the next coming of the Apocalypse.

3. Anything with Jared from Subway. Why is Subway taking on McDonalds in its commercials? Isn't Quiznos beating the living tar out of them? I've never had this trian of thoughts... "I really feel like a Big Mac, but Subway IS doubling their menu. Maybe I should do Subway." Also, Subway's "toasted subs" are actually Subway's "toaster oven burned" subs which taste like crap.

4. Aflac commercial with the brain transplant. Frankly, everything with that duck has gotten pretty freaking old. The brain transplant one takes it one too far. Just put Clyde to rest. He's gotten more play than the Taco Bell dog, and the dog was far funnier.

5. Those wierd new Nike commercials that look like abstract art. I'm supposed to buy shoes because two poorly drawn figures stare at one another for a while? I can't even describe how odd these ones are. Who signed off on those? Didn't they sign athletes to million dollar endorsement deals for a reason?

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