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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mariners Making Plenty of Moves

So... you take a weekend off and, all of a sudden, the Mariners go a little buck wild with moves. Let's take a little look-see...

1. Miguel Olivo down, replaced by Rene Rivera

I root for Miguel Olivo. I really do. He seems like a nice guy who tries hard, for the most part. It's just that, this season, he has been worse than terrible. .125 BA, over 30 K's in just over 100 AB's, huge holes in his swing, and his defense and pitch-calling has suffered as well. He is just 26, and I still hold out hope that he will work out in the end, but this move had to be made. Rene Rivera will be a servicable backup whom I hope gets more than 25% of the catching duties, which is what Hargrove has said he will receive. In that mind...

2. Pat Borders will take over starting catcher duties

Not a huge fan of this move. I know the rationale. Sele and Moyer have both pitched better under Border's watch, and his hitting has been, well, better. (not by much). However, there is absolutely no reason for a 42 year old to be a starter on a rebuilding team. None. Let Rivera play. Let Ryan Christenson play. Not Pat Borders.

3. Willie Bloomquist has started four games in a row

How bad has Wilson Valdez been at the plate? Bad enough that Hargrove has started Bloomquist at short recently. He has been decent, but, wow, it's tough to watch him get to grounders and throw to first. There were at least three times during the time last night where Gavin and I broke out laughing while watching him field. His footwork is less than spectacular.

4. Mike Morse called up from AAA.

Good. Try him out. Supposedly his defense has improved, and there is no reason to believe that his offense is worse than Bloomquist or Valdez. There needs to be a solid chance given him to succeed, just like Olivo, and just like Reed (who, by the way, is coming around in a big way). This is my favorite move of the week, and one that was called by Gavin a few weeks ago (massive props to him).

Oh yeah, by the way, the M's have won 3 in a row for only the second time this year. Can Ryan Franklin keep it up tonight? Stay tuned...

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