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We are twin brothers who grew up in Central Washington. This blog is devoted to the life of Seattle sports fans, as well as various other topics that we will espouse for your enjoyment. We could be called another OFFICIAL SEATTLE SEAHAWKS site, but we'll take our uneducated crack at the Mariners, Sonics, and Huskies as well. A Seattle Sports Blog? Must be the land... of crushed optimism!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Low Weekend: Seattle News

Two items:

There is another editorial meeting of the staff of Crushed Optimists this weekend. Lots of Lord of the Rings: Battle Edition will be played. Lots of blogging.... not so much. Sorry. Go play outside. Have a picnic.

In other news, should we be excited that the Mariners win because of Aaron Sele and Pat Borders? Answer: no. Still depressed. Terrible week. Hopefully the Suns cheer me up tonight.

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