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Monday, May 23, 2005

It's good to laugh again...

Two stories to help you get over the post-Sonics blues.

The first involves everyone's favorite football playing hippie, Ricky Williams, whose agent gives a 99 percent chance of reporting to Dolphins camp next season. Hopefully he brings along travel pictures of his trips to India and Australia, just so that he can distract Zach Thomas from ripping out his small intestine or hiding the beer bong. Is there a member of the Dolphins who wants Ricky back? Is there an NFL team that wants Ricky Williams? Didn't they just pick Ronnie Brown in the NFL draft? I don't see a win-win scenario here for anyone but Ricky. He gets to keep all those millions, sit out his suspension, and then retire again. Congratulations.

The second story comes via the Chicago Cubs, who have asked Carlos Zambrano to cut down on the time he spends on the computer emailing his brother, because of the elbow problems that are cropping up. This, coming from the team and manager who consistently have him throw 120+ pitches a game. All this, and it's computers that are evil? I'd love to see the stats on that particular injury. At some point Cubs management is going to see that every good pitcher they have gets injured, and every good pitcher they have is overworked... there might be a connection there... I will give the Cubs some credit, though. Anything to rid the world of IM is good for me.

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