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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Game 1 Thoughts

San Antonio takes Game 1 from Phoenix. A few thoughts on the game...

1. Who gave Brent Barry the "unsuck" juice? Seriously, the guy won the game for the Spurs. Those two deep threes in the fourth quarter were pretty reminiscent of what he used to do for the Sonics. I could hear Kevin Calabro in my head go, "Brent Barry with the shocker!"

2. Speaking of Calabro, he was on the radio broadcasting the game for ESPN. We are sure lucky in Seattle to have the quality of broadcasters that we do.

3. San Antonio managed to outscore Phoenix. That's what these games come down to. Phoenix is going to score 110+ per game. San Antonio has to score more. They have.

4. Tim Duncan's ankle injury isn't as serious as previously thought. 50 percent shooting, 15 rebounds... I'd say he's going to be okay.

5. Manu Ginobili didn't hit the floor enough. Phoenix has to put a couple of flagrants on him, just because I hate him.

6. Shawn Marion did nothing against Bruce Bowen. Perhaps this makes us appreciate just what Ray Allen did for us. Marion was the glue for the Suns this season, the best overall player. They absolutely need him.

7. The refs decided that the Spurs should win this one as well. There should be a metric on how many questionable calls go in the favor of one team or another. San Antonio gets just about every call in their favor, even though they whine constantly.

8. Phoenix just has to be more consistent. They didn't play great offense and still scored 114. Look for them to respond well and take Game 2.

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