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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A decision that sorta might make sense...

Will the M's draft another shortstop? Another shortstop instead of Mike Morse, instead of Adam Jones, instead of that Betancourt kid, instead of Matt Tuiasosopo? I don't care if this guy Tulowitzki has a good work ethic or projects to a good shortstop. Our pitching depth has officially gone down the crapper. Pick up a top of the rotation starter. What do we have past Hernandez and Campillo? The answer shouldn't surprise you. I know the pitchers are Boras clients. We just signed Adrian Beltre. We can deal with Scotty B. If we draft the third baseman, like some of thought, I'm going to freak out. Let's be smart. We have holes in our farm system. Shortstop is not one of them. Bavasi, do the right thing.

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