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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

David Locke does it again

When he first started writing articles, I rarely enjoyed them. Locke came across as pretty conceited. This year, though, he has taken his writing to another level when touching on the Sonics. Every article has shown how the Sonics were so successful from a statistical perspective (and not boring, either). I've eaten them up.

Today's effort is no different. Locke details the reason the Sonics can't stay pat, resign everyone. His reasoning is pretty close to mine on several free agents. Reggie Evans is going to be pushed out by Nick Collison, and Jerome James is going to want too much offense.

He raises an excellent point with Antonio Daniels. Perhaps his improvement this year was as much as him wanting to show he could start in his free agent year as anything else. Luke Ridnour will play more minutes next year and can play in crunch time more often. I still think it would be nice to have Daniels back, as a backup point guard is necessary for survival (see Phoenix Suns against the Spurs).

For me, the reason that changes have to be made is simple. We lost. We overachieved and lost. We have needs. We need another banger down low that can score with Collison. We need some additional defense on the perimeter. We need more consistency from the center position. These needs can't be met with our current team. Therefore, it's time to thank them for the memories, root for their success, and send them off.

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