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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

24 - Season Four Finale

Back to the entertainment front for a minute:

If you have never seen the Kiefer Sutherland led show "24" on Fox (I know, it is Fox), I strongly encourage you to start as of next January when Season 5 begins, because this show is getting better and better. Season 4 was, in my opinion, the best yet, and the finale did not disappoint.

Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland):

1. Watched his best friend "die"
2. Figured out that the death was staged by a professional
3. Found a blood trail and followed it to where the professional was trying to escape
4. Outwitted the professional and saved his friend
5. Got an immunity deal from the President to find out where the ultimate bad guy (Marwan) was.
6. Stopped Marwan from escaping
7. Killed Marwan
8. Stopped a nuclear missile from destroying LA
9. Saved millions of lives
10. Was about to be handed over to the Chinese for illegally breaking into an embassy
11. Was put on a hit list by the President's head of security
12. Faked his own death
13. Headed off to Mexico with a new identity

I don't know what you usually do in 2 hours. This is my list...

1. Got up
2. Went to the bathroom
3. Sat on the couch
4. Turned on my computer
5. Checked my email
6. Turned on the Food Network
7. Went to the bathroom again
8. Read "Sherman's Lagoon" while in the bathroom
9. Sat on the couch
10. Wrote this blog

Compare my list to Jack's list, and you can see where the excitement is. I have never experienced as well-written and well-done a show as 24 is. Sure, there are the requisite leaps of faith, such as where a lone fighter somehow shoots down Air Force One, but the characters are great and the plot carries you through the entire season. Rent the DVD's and see Palmer's look of resolve, Tony's plastered smirk (see it to believe it), and Chloe's insanity (how does a person like that get to work at a counter-terrorist organization?). My two cents, anyways.

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