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Friday, April 22, 2005

Why is Gavin Such a Great Blogger?

Some of you who read this site regularly might be curious as to why Gavin posts so much more and in such greater detail than his brother, who happens to be a communications graduate student. The reason is simple... Gavin is just a better writer and knows way more about sports. You have probably figured that out by reading through our posts. Where are the best insights and such? Feel free to comment on Gavin's brilliance anytime through the easy-to-use comments section below. Thank you and good night.

Colin: Loyal reader, do not be taken in by this pansy's lies. If you want quality and true insight, look for the name you can trust. Listen to these reasons: 1. I'm taller. 2. I'm taller. 3. I can say hello and goodbye in French. 4. I'm watching the Simpsons as I write this. 5. I can tell the difference between real butter and "I can't believe its not butter". 6. I'm not an engineer. 7. I am way better than Gavin at Spider Solitaire. 8. My name rhymes with Ballin'. 9. Ask him who would always win at basketball on a last second shot. 10. Last and not least, I'm Colin Hesse. Bam. Thank you and goodnight.

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