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Friday, April 15, 2005

White Sox 6, M's 4

Welcome back, Joel. Hopefully next time I will welcome back your control as well. I mean, wow. The ump had a pretty liberal strike zone and you STILL could not get any calls. Let us hope that he just needed a little time to get back in gear. Of course Schilling gave up 5 runs in his first start, so I don't have too many alarm bells going off right now.

On the flip side, after a terrible start our offense once again showed why we will be in contention for most games this year. How many games last year would we have had a chance in after getting perfect-gamed through 6 1/3 innings? Not very many. Good job by Reed to start a couple of rallies, and a good job by Spiezio to prove, once again, why he is a BLACK HOLE in any lineup. Our bench is utterly pathetic. If we had one viable pinch-hitter, I would have had more confidence in that 9th inning. As it was, it was fun to watch, but the outcome still seemed inevitable.

Unfortunately my prediction was correct again. Let us hope that tomorrow my prediction does NOT come true and the M's can have a chance to take this series. Franklin vs. Buerhle? Ugh.

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