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Saturday, April 30, 2005

When Financial Planning Doesn't Matter...

I remember reading all those articles during the season last year and during this offseason praising the Philadelphia Eagles for the great way they'd managed contracts to avoid financial problems. And those articles were right... but they neglected to take into account the x-factor, holdouts. Those holdouts are threatening to tear the fabric of the team apart before the season even starts. Freddie Mitchell has been forced out by head coach Andy Reid. Brian Westbrook doesn't want to sign the insulting low 1.5 million dollar contract (even I think that's ridiculous). Corey Simon isn't interested in signing the franchise tender. And of course there's Terrell Owens, who has alienated the offense and superstar Donovan McNabb with his comments (even though they were right... about McNabb getting tired in the Super Bowl), and holding out for a new contract one year after signing a long term deal. Thankfully the Hawks don't have to put up with this garbage. I guarantee, though, it will affect the Eagles come the regular season. It will.

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