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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

When Fans Really Get Nuts...

You know, for all of Europe's disdain for how uncivilized we warlike Americans are, they sure get away with a lot at a soccer (futbol) match. Take the idiots yesterday at the Champions League Inter Milan match. Not only did they spend most of the day hurling racial epithets at players (which is not uncommon at these games across Europe, by the way), they decided that since their team is losing they should throw flares onto the field. Throw flares? We spend two weeks examining our conscience when a drunk fan hits a player with beer, much less something burning. Personally, I think it's because soccer is kinda dull (even though I am a big fan of international play), and so you have nothing to do except drink. The Italian government's response is every fan (and owner's) nightmare... closed off games. Imagine a pro game with no live fans. Wierd. Thanks Europe for again showing us American rednecks what true civilization is really like.

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