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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Walter Jones practices?

I love all the lines from Robbie Tobeck in this article, especially the "I waited to sign until I could get .08 percent of what Walter got". But seriously, I have to wonder what the difference in our offense will be to have Walter around all offseason. It has generally taken our offensive line a few games to feel each other out, even though Jones has always stepped in and played well. However, this gives the line every practice to develop that groove... I honestly think it will help us out. After seeing us give up so many sacks to blitzes early last year before figuring it out, I have to hope that we are able to start out with more consistency.

I also like how they are planning to use Seneca Wallace as a punt returner... he has too much talent and elusiveness to sit on the bench. Bobby Engram is solid, but not spectacular. Let's see what Wallace can do to help jumpstart that facet of our special teams.

Now if they could only still trade Shaun Alexander...

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