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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Updated power rankings...

... are out for ESPN, Sportsline, and CNN. (I would link to them, but I'm lazy). Suffice to say that the M's haven't moved much of anywhere since the start of the season. They are continually ranked in the bottom third of the league. Luckily the real ranking has us tied for first in the ALWest. I prefer that ranking anyways.

I'm looking forward to the game this evening. For some reason I just enjoy watching the M's play the A's. There seems to be a rivalry there that doesn't exist with our other ALWest mates. Hopefully Safeco is full and rocking for our California rivals.

I watched Roy Halliday mow down the Red Sox yesterday. If he is on, like that, all season, the Blue Jays have a great chance at a .500 season. Corey Koskie, Shea Hillenbrand, Vernon Wells, Eric Hinske, and Frank Cattalanatto (spelling?) are all terrific hitters. Along with the Orioles, suddenly the Yanks and the BoSox don't have 50 easy games on their schedule.

Randy Johnson has lost velocity. He was consistently hitting only 90-91 mph during his last start. As the ESPN Baseball Tonight people stated, that makes his slider much less impressive, opening himself up to the longball. Is it age? The cold weather? His knees?

Gavin: I watched Randy pitch, and he gave up a hit before the home run in a way I'd never seen before. The right handed batter (Josh Phelps) turned on a Randy Johnson fastball that was low and away and laced it into left field for a base hit. That, more than anything, should be a huge worry for Yankees fans. If a hitter from Tampa Bay doesn't foul that pitch off or roll it to short with that approach they are in for some long nights.

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