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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sonics, Part II

I also read Miller's article, and came away with an overall feeling of, "What the....?" Honestly, we have a 50 win team that has given us only our 6th division title and has earned the #3 seed in the Western Conference playoffs. If that is not enough, this comes from a team that I predicted would win less than 20 games THE ENTIRE SEASON!! This was a team that stepped it up, with Luke Ridnour becoming a promising young point guard that showed flashes of brilliance. There was Nick Collison showing that he can be a productive player in this league. Antonio Daniels provided late-game leadership, if he still owns the flattest jump-shot I have ever seen. Rashard Lewis, finally, became a full-fledged All-Star. I have waited so long to say that, but he earned it with his consistency and his late-game heroics. He became a go-to guy, and it was just wonderful to see. Radmanovic actually drove to the hole on a semi-annual basis (hey, it's a step in the right direction) and was a key outside threat. Our rebounding improved exponentially. That last game against Dallas was a great example of how we can stay with a more talented team with our hustle and come up with a chance to win.

Do I believe we will win the NBA title? No. Too many injuries, too many great Western Conference teams, etc. However, this has been a terrific NBA season, one that actually made me care about the NBA again. I was almost done with it completely, done with the horrible team play, shoddy defense (well, that's still there), and off-court hype. Well, I'm not completely back, but I'm more back than I would have thought possible six months ago.

So.... shut up, Ted Miller. There will be a time for those stories, like when Ray Allen asks for the moon, or Danny Fortson continues to disrespect Nate McMillan, or when Radmanovic or Daniels leave for Charlotte after the season is over. But not now. Not now.

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