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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sonics Finally Earn Title... Let the Pessimism Start

The Sonics built on their performance against Dallas to finally earn the title, and since Denver isn't going to lose for the forseeable future, they needed to win this one. They were sharp, played team basketball, owned the offensive glass, set solid screens, attacked the basket, essentially did all the little things that they had done before the injuries hit. They looked like the team we should have confidence in going into the playoffs... so let the pessimism start from Seattle sports writers. Ted Miller of the Seattle Post Intelligencer is the first idiot to rain on the parade. Can't we enjoy this success for one day before bringing up all the extraneous stuff? Can't we? Is it possible to be really grateful for a team that overacheived tremendously under a great coach without talking about free agency or lease rights? Let's focus on this great team, and hope for a great playoff run.

On a side note, could TNT have come up with a dumber promo than that little ten year old gangster rattling off, "Let the Truth Be Told" then flicking his nose? It looks like a bad Kids WB commercial. I honestly cannot take that kid seriously... and I've watched all those Monday Night Football celebrity openings. So Let the Truth Be Told... that promo sucks.

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