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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Smart Move by a Smart Player

Brandon Roy is staying at UW for his senior year. Well, good. At least there is one individual who knows that he has some work to do to improve his draft status. This is a big up for the Dawgs, who have lost Nate Robinson, basically have lost Martell Webster, and even saw Ken Bone bolt to coach the powerhouse that is.... Portland State. To which I say, "Portland State? Why on Earth did you not stay at Seattle Pacific if you wanted to still be a head coach?" However, Roy staying means that we have a bona-fide leader on this team. This is his team, no question about it. If we need a clutch basket, there is no decision about, "Well, I guess this is Robinson's turn... no, wait, maybe Simmons...." Just put the darn ball in Roy's hands, and let him work. The way he was playing at the end of the season was tremendous.

I like our chances in the Pac-10 now that he's back. I see a lineup comprised of that new point guard (I forget his name), Roy, Jones, Brockman, and Williams. Not too shabby.

Gavin: He probably was reading our blog to help him make the decision. Nate Robinson had nothing more to prove. Roy has everything to prove. It's the difference between millions of dollars and a guaranteed contract and nothing. Obviously it makes all the difference in the world to the UW basketball program as well. Contrary to popular belief, we are not going to be trashed next season. Simmons wasn't a key factor the second half of the year, Robinson was too streaky, we never had Martell Webster, but we do lose Conroy (but gain Ryan Appleby). We will rock the Pac-10 next year.

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