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Friday, April 15, 2005

Sheffield shouldn't be lionized

Yes, we do have to write about this, and yes, Colin will probably disagree with me, but there is no excuse for Sheffield pushing the fan. Yes, the fan took a swipe at the ball... yes, I hate fans who keep on reaching for the damn ball. However, if his shove had been a little higher Sheffield would have hit the fan in the face and this would be a completely different story. Sheffield got lucky, nothing else, and all of the commentators should force him to admit some responsibility. Should Moises Alou have gone after Bartman? Should any first baseman running into the stands be allowed to push fans around after missing the ball? None of this should be allowed. Thank God for Boston security, for ejecting the fan (should do that every time a fan interferes with the game), and for preventing anything further.

Sheffield should be suspended... five games... now.

Colin: Yes, I do disagree with Gavin. Tempers are running high, words have been exchanged all game, and a fan appears to hit Sheffield in the face. Man, I would have been ticked. I can see suspending Sheffield for one game just because he did touch the fan, but I believe that the fans were ultimately to blame. This was the 8th inning. Who knows how many alcoholic beverages had been consumed. The fan did something absolutely ridiculous and should have his season ticket revoked. If you are going to pay the money to sit there, you should know the rules of the road. Plus.... I am disliking Red Sox fans as a whole more and more, so anything against them is fine by me.

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