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Friday, April 29, 2005

Seahawks Offseason Review

Clare Farnsworth of the PI has a great article today on how the Seahawks used free agency to fill some key needs before the draft, and then looks at the players coming out and the players coming in, examining if we are better or worse off.

Here are my thoughts on the same subject:

Out: Chike Okeafor. In: Bryce Fisher

Colin: I put this as a push. They both had 8 1/2 sacks last year, neither will overpower you, and you lose a little talent and gain a little better locker-room presence. It's not like Okeafor ever really stepped up in the clutch.... Did the Rams punt at all in the 2nd half in the playoffs? Answer: No.

Gavin: I agree, this is a push. Okeafor did have tons of talent, but I can't think of one big play that he made all season. He was nothing without Wistrom. Fisher won't be anything by himself either, but he will be passable. Still could use an upgrade here.

Out: Chad Brown. In: Jamie Sharper

Colin: Huge plus, due to Brown's propensity to get injured and beaten down the past couple of years. I loved the guy's intensity, but he was never out on the field! Sharper is younger, a true leader, and is better in pass coverage, which we sorely need. Yes, we lose a little pass-rush, but, again, it's not like Brown was providing that last year.

Gavin: Plus (not huge plus if Brown's healthy), but plus even if Brown stays off the injured reserve. Chad's desire was still there, but his speed and strength weren't. He could get to the quarterback once a game, but the blitzing skills had faded. Jamie Sharper is a younger version of Brown and yes, better at the zone pass. This should help our defense out quite a bit.

Out: Orlando Huff. In: Lola Tatupu

Colin: Farnsworth has this as a minus, which I disagree with. We know what Huff brought, which was very little. Tatupu has heart, and, once again, is better in pass coverage. I would prefer to see him on the field even over Koutouvides. To me, this is a plus. Basically, my theory boils down to... if we are changing our defense from last year, it is a plus.

Gavin: Plus. Koutovides didn't show much. Huff was a zero. It doesn't take much to provide an upgrade here, let's see what Tatupu brings, especially to the zone blitz/pass.

Out: Anthony Simmons. In: D.D. Lewis

Colin: Again, plus. Simmons has always gotten injured, never got the whole leadership thing down, and never stepped up in the big games. D.D. Lewis is faster and, once again, works better in the Ray Rhodes defense. Our defense has had the wrong players for the system. Now we have better ones. Simple as that.

Gavin: Push, because of DD Lewis' own injury problems last year. He has to prove that he is back at full strength and capable of starting 16 games for us. He has undeniable talent. Ray Rhodes loves him. Now we get to see if that talent translates to the field.

Out: Ken Lucas. In: Andre Dyson.

Colin: Huge plus. Do I even need to explain this? Even the contract is a better deal with Dyson.

Gavin: Huge plus. Dyson is better than Ken Lucas. Lucas gambled way too much, bit on deep balls way too much, and got caught out of position on run defense way too much, not to mention his inability to stop the quick-hitter. Dyson will get us the same number of picks without as many of the head-scratching mistakes.

You look at this list and I am extremely happy with Ruskell and the way that this offseason has gone. We will be a better team than we were last season. Now, our schedule is still pretty rough and the NFC West will be better. But I am excited to see what we will bring to the table, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Gavin: As long as we can play zone coverage, our rankings will go up by ten to twelve, I guarantee it.

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