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Monday, April 25, 2005

Seahawks Draft Thoughts From Around the Country

Before Colin and I throw out our draft grades I thought I'd compile a potpourri of draft articles that include thoughts on the Seahawks...

First up comes a humorous draftblog article from Skip Bayless. I don't necessarily agree with all of his thoughts, but he actually gave the Seahawks props for selecting Chris Spencer. Skip appeared to like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington, Dallas, and Detroit.

Next up comes Mel Kiper Jr with his draft grades. Seattle gets a B, which is interesting considering that he rips them for the paragraph following. That B is one of only thirteen teams to get above a C plus. I guess I didn't think our draft was that stellar, but grading is enough of a stretch regardless. He gives A's to Arizona, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Dallas. I disagree with a couple of those selections as well.

Len Pasquarelli was far more critical of Seattle, essentially stating that if we couldn't start drafting better that Arizona was going to overtake us. I already thought Arizona might overtake us simply through their free agent acquisitions and don't think the draft changed my mind either way. He also liked Minnesota and Baltimore.

Pete Prisco at came in with his grades and the Hawks nabbed a C, even though he was a big fan of the Tatupu pick and the Willis pick. Frankly, it looked like he and Kiper should have switched their grades. Prisco gives A's to San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Minnesota, Dallas, and Cincinatti. In the NL West, he liked Arizona and St Louis, which I disagree with. Overall, I disagree more with Prisco than with Kiper.

Sports Illustrated has a "Top 10 Draft Surprises" list which includes Chris Spencer. Spencer was a surprise, but not as big a one as Clarett or Rodgers. Don't like seeing him included.

In the final national article, Don Banks from SI has a winners/losers list. Winners are Arizona and Minnesota. Losers don't include Seattle, which is nice.

Now to the hometown articles... we'll start off with an article from Clare Farnsworth on how Chris Spencer and Ray Willis are "nasty". I'd prefer "smart" and "effective". Frankly, this is a fluff article that reads poorly. I don't recommend it. Farnsworth's done better.

The Seattle Times did a "why did we draft no names" approach to their review and got some okay quotes from Ruskell but very little in the way of analysis. Disappointing as well.

Best article, hands down, comes from Farnsworth. It's a question and answer article that gives me some more hope about our draft and Ruskell. Highly recommend reading the darn thing.

Colin and I will be doing our own draft analysis appoximately whenever we have time.

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