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Monday, April 18, 2005

Please, Sexson?

No word yet on whether Sexson will play tonight. In Hargrove's words, he has been upgraded from doubtful to questionable. I think that the weekend series showed how important he is to our lineup. Spiezio (hereafter referred to as the Black Hole) and Dobbs (hereafter referred to as the Overanxious Rook) seemed to drag our entire lineup down around them. We also saw how Sexson is much better than the Overanxious Rook in the field, as Wilson Valdez threw a high fastball in the 8th that Sexson would have caught and got the out. The Overanxious Rook did not. As for the Black Hole.... there is absolutely no way that this person should still be on the team. It's time to pull a Cirillo, help the Black Hole out, and get him out of Seattle as soon as possible.

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