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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

NFL Draft Thoughts

This must be one of the weakest drafts ever. None of the top picks want their pick. None of the medium picks want to move up. None of the later picks want their picks. Neither Alex Smith nor Aaron Rodgers are quarterbacks to get excited about. I would be pretty upset if I was a 49ers fan. Where's the can't miss prospect? If I was them I would go for one of the running backs... and probably for Cedric Benson. Why is everyone not talking about this guy? I saw him quite a few times last year. Texas was a complete running team with zero passing attack, and yet Benson continued to put up huge numbers. That has to say something. Braylon Edwards will be great, but I don't see him as an immediate impact player. I look for a lot of surprises on draft day, with very pundits coming close with their fantasy drafts.

On a side note, one would think that San Francisco and Miami would have done a better job in free agency to really prepare for the draft. Instead, neither of them decided to get anyone.

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