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Saturday, April 23, 2005

NFL Draft - Picks 11-20

11:26: What I don't understand about going with defense with both Washington and Dallas is how absolutely pathetic their offenses were this past season... and didn't do much in free agency to address it. With the kind of offensive players that are on the board, I don't understand the defense picks... and Dallas selects Demarcus Ware, DE, Troy St. This is a bit of a reach I think, especially in front of Marcus Spears and David Pollack. Not that impressive a selection. Next up, San Diego... guessing they don't choose a quarterback.

11:31: (Colin) Well, this is why it is so hard to guess the draft. Take Washington, who had one of the best defenses in the league last year. Patrick Ramsey has certainly not been the answer. So you take.... a cornerback? Dallas had a terrible offense last year, and a defense one year removed from being the top defense overall. And you take....a defensive end? Hard to understand.

11:41: San Diego selects with the 12th pick overall (from the Giants) Shawne Merriman, OLB, Maryland. Good pick. Easy pick. 22 sacks in three years. Could be a defensive end or linebacker. Reminds me of Chad Brown in the intangibles. When you don't have a ton of needs like San Diego, this was a perfect pick.

11:42: (Colin) Yeah, no problem here. On the flip side, still no go for Aaron Rodgers, who sure looked good at the college level. He is extremely accurate, and seems perfect for the West Coast offense. We are now past the half-way point to the Hawks pick at #23, and all five of Gavin and my picks are still around. Let's see if that holds up with Houston...

11:51: (Colin) First trade of the draft, as the Saints move up to #13 and the Texans move down to #16. The Saints immediately have their pick, which is Jammal Brown, the top tackle from Oklahoma. Looks like Carolina was going to take Brown at #14, so a great move by the Saints, only giving up a 3rd rounder next year. Brown is smart, strong, and has an attitude that wants to take down the opposition.

11:54: I guess I don't completely understand this move from the Saints standpoint. They had loved Thomas Davis, the safety from Georgia who would have definitely fallen to them. If they wanted a tackle, Alex Barron or Khalif Barnes would have been available as well, I guess I didn't think Brown was that much better (wasn't higher on many draft boards). Next up Carolina, who can easily select Barron now.

12:04: Carolina takes a bit longer than I had expected to pick, and they select Thomas Davis, safety/linebacker, Georgia. So basically the Saints and the Panthers switched players. This pick doesn't make a ton of sense to me either. The Panthers desperately need offensive line help, they did get Mike Wahle from the Packers, but need more. Alex Barron must have slipped seriously down some boards, because no one had Davis as a top fifteen pick. So Kansas City will probably take Derrick Johnson, at least if they're smart.

12:16: (Colin) And the Chiefs DO take Derrick Johnson. Finally a pick that has no questions whatsoever, even though the ESPN team talks about a few downsides. Derrick Johnson should be a great help for the horrible defense that Kansas City has thrown out there the past few years. Good job, KC. On to Houston...

12:25: I think that was one of the more solid picks of the day for Kansas City. They probably would have wanted to go with a d-lineman, but how do you pass up Derrick Johnson? Houston needs a wide receiver here, maybe Mark Clayton? Another team with some serious offensive needs. Alex Barron or Khalif Barnes could make sense as well. If I was the Hawks, should we move up to get Erasmus James, David Pollack or Marcus Spears? I'd start thinking about it now...

12:32: And with the 16th pick, the Houston Texans select Travis Johnson, DT, Florida St. Again, another team with offensive needs selects a defensive player. What is this? Did these GMs actually watch their teams? Yes, it's an improvement, but it won't matter if you save a touchdown a game if you can't score more than 17. Ridiculous. On to the Bengals, and probably one of our top five Hawks picks will leave the board.

12:35: (Colin) See, I disagree with Gavin, and find this a solid pick. Sure, they need offensive help, but their defense wasn't that solid either, and in a 3-4 scheme that nose tackle is extremely important. Johnson should be a key performer for years in that Texans defense.

12:45: The Bengals take David Pollack... shoot. This is why Seattle should have traded with Houston. This is the guy I wanted. I think he'll be a great defender, with a high energy motor, and Cincinatti is probably ecstatic to see him land to them at 17. Five more picks before Seattle, and four of our picks still available. Marcus Spears and Erasmus James... need one of those two players. Next up is Minnesota, who will take probably one of those players themselves.

12:55: The Vikings, with their second pick, select Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin. So both pass rushers get taken. Not good for the Hawks. Good pick for the Vikings. They have one heck of a defensive line now with last year's first round pick at the other end and an All-Pro at DT. Minnesota looks like they will be a much improved team next season. On the clock now is St. Louis, who is sure excited about Alex Barron still being available to replace Kyle Turley.

12:59: Torry Holt wants a safety to help the defense. He's probably tired of getting outscored 35-31 in games. St Louis quickly takes Alex Barron. This is what they needed. Yes, they need defense, but they signed some good free agents, and they HAVE to protect Marc Bulger. They have nothing behind him. On the clock is Dallas. Now comes Mark Clayton's time. Dallas cannot pass on him or Aaron Rodgers.

1:00: (Colin) Geez, I take a shower and miss some good stuff! Pollack, James, shoot, both would have been great for our defense. I have to think that Ruskell has Dan Cody or Marcus Spears either above them or not far beneath them to justify a trade up. Alex Barron might help, but won't be a huge boost for the Rams, which is nice. Torry Holt was correct, they needed safety help more than they needed offensive line help.

1:09: So Dallas goes for Marcus Spears, two defensive players to help with their transition. Still, where is the offense going to come from? Keyshawn is old and getting older... you have a nice stud running back, but they are still going to be pathetic on offense. I don't understand it, from a pure fan's standpoint. Don't understand it. We are now down to Dan Cody of the defensive line players we were looking at and Channing Crowder. Dan Cody better be a stallion, Ruskell... now on the clock, Jacksonville. Mark Clayton here? Roddy White?

1:12: (Colin) See, I'm not as much a pessimist as Gavin on this one. Dan Cody is nice, as is Shaun Cody from USC, an undersized DT who could probably play some sweet DE. Still, I don't understand why Dallas is getting a lot of love with their picks. I guess they must be satisfied with Bledsoe, Julius Jones, Johnson, etc., as being enough offense for them.

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