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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NFL Draft Grades - Short and Sweet, Texas Style

Arizona Cardinals:

Colin: As I blogged earlier, a solid draft filled with possible starters. Antrel Rolle will be not good, great. Grade: A

Gavin: Filled their needs with impact players. Can't do any better than that. Can't forget that they signed Timmy Chang after the draft, which was a great pickup as well. Grade: A

Atlanta Falcons:

Colin: They seemed a little too excited to be getting a wide receiver from UAB in the 1st round. Babineaux was a late climber. Translation: Not a good player, but did well at the combine. Grade: C+

Gavin: Reached for a lower tier wide receiver in the first round. Babineaux was a solid second round selection. Grade: C

Baltimore Ravens:

Colin: Great choice of Derek Anderson in the 6th round. He might challenge Boller for the starting job, and soon. Grade: A-

Gavin: Landed best wide receiver in the draft in Mike Clayton. Derek Anderson has biggest upside of any QB in the draft. Dan Cody should perform well as part of Baltimore's tremendous defense. Grade: A

Buffalo Bills:

Colin: No first-round pick, and then they stretched for their second-rounder, Roscoe Parrish, at a position that they were already pretty strong at, WR. Grade: C-

Gavin: Not much of a draft. Really didn't need Parrish. The Bills could have used some offensive line help. Grade: D

Carolina Panthers:

Colin: Thomas Davis will be nice, but I am most interested to find out how Stefan Lefors does at the next level. A nice draft altogether. Grade: B+

Gavin: Thomas Davis was one of the Hawks' favorite players and will be an impact player on an impact defense. Dislike the pick of Eric Shelton, because Foster and Stephen Davis are still available. Should have picked an offensive lineman. Didn't get any in the draft of note. Still, I like the pick of S Ben Emanuel from UCLA. Grade: B-

Chicago Bears:

Colin: Kyle Orton was also a nice pick, in case Grossman goes down again. However, not sure you take Benson over Cadillac Williams. Grade: B

Gavin: I would easily take Benson over Cadillac Williams. He was the better rusher. Both were better than Ronnie Brown. Kyle Orton was a fantastic pick, because no one wanted to see more of Jonathan Quinn. Mark Bradley and Aireese Curry were tremendous value picks at WR. They significantly upgraded their offense and gave Brian Urlacher and Tommy Jones some actual help. Grade: A

Cincinatti Bengals:

Colin: My favorite draft. Pollack will be outstanding, and to follow that up with Odell Thurman was a terrific move. Grade: A+

Gavin: I do agree that Pollack will be good, but Odell Thurman by all accounts is a knucklehead, so is more of a question mark. However, rest of the draft is pure money. Tab Perry and Chris Henry will be quality wide receivers, they got some good o-line depth, and the seventh round selection of Jonathan Fanene was a steal (he dominated the game against Pittsburgh). Grade: A

Cleveland Browns:

Colin: Braylon Edwards might be the most talented player in the draft. For that alone.... Grade: A-

Gavin: Braylon was the best pick of the first round. Surprised he dropped to third, and I'm sure Cleveland was pleased. The even better pick was Senior Bowl MVP Charlie Frye with the third round selection to throw him the ball eventually. I also love the fourth round pick of Oklahoma CB Antonio Perkins... saw him a few times and loved his talent. Still, a waste of a second round pick of Brodney Pool. Grade: A-

Dallas Cowboys:

Colin: People love this draft, and I disagree. Why concentrate on your defense when your offense was terrible? Seriously, am I the only person who saw that? Grade: D (harsh, but I really didn't like what the Cowboys did)

Gavin: I completely agree with Colin... did these coaches watch how pathetic their offense was last year? You have an aging offensive line, an aging quarterback, two aging wide receivers, and a stud running back. Not anything to hang your hat on. They will lose more games than they win next year. None of the defensive rookies will vie for rookie-of-the-year honors. This team is not significantly better by any stretch of the imagination. They should have taken Mike Williams or Aaron Rodgers with one of their two first round selections. Grade: F

Denver Broncos:

Colin: Two words. Maurice Clarett. Grade: F

Gavin: I only like one pick, Karl Paymah from Washington St, and that's because he's from Washington St. I think Clarett will be better than advertised. Grade: D

Detroit Lions:

Colin: I like the Mike Williams pick, simply because he will be a special player. Everything else was so-so. Grade: B-

Gavin: They simply couldn't pick on Mike Williams. You hate to release Az Hakim, but that combo on offense is great. However, they still will be trying to outscore teams 35-31 this coming year. Not enough to jump them over "mediocre" status. Still, Shaun Cody is better than teams had him projected, same with Bill Swancutt. Grade: B+

Green Bay Packers:

Colin: Aaron Rodgers will enjoy his time at Lambeau, and should serve well when Favre decides to finally retire. Grade: B-

Gavin: Aaron Rodgers was the steal of the first round. Then the Packers decided to draft wide receivers instead of linebackers. Good luck keeping your job, Mike Sherman. Grade: D

Houston Texans:

Colin: Blah. Travis Johnson might be good, he might not be good. A lot of questionable players in that draft. Grade: C+

Gavin: Travis Johnson is the only player in this draft worthy of acknowledgment. The Texans had serious offensive issues and this draft did nothing to help. Grade: D

Indianapolis Colts:

Colin: Very similar to the Texans, except the fact that Marlin Jackson will help that beleagured secondary. Grade: B

Gavin: The Colts need defenders, and they drafted a ton. However, they have not shown a propensity to draft good defenders and need these to step up. Still, potentially drafting two starting cornerbacks will help take the pressure of the defensive line. Grade: B

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Colin: I love the Matt Jones pick, and to follow that up with a UW alumni? Priceless. Grade: B+

Gavin: Matt Jones will be an impact player in the Hines Ward, Antwaan Randle-El mold. Can't question his athletic ability and will give Byron Leftwich a consistent big target. They also needed offensive line help and got it with Khalif Barnes, a steal in the second round. Grade: A-

Kansas City Chiefs:

Colin: Wow. The smiles on the KC brass must have been wide when Derrick Johnson slid down to them. However, second pick on a punter? What the.... Grade: C+

Gavin: Derrick Johnson did nothing but make plays in college. Never understood why all the scouts slept on him. He will (dare I say) awaken the ghost of Derrick Thomas? Still, rest of the draft blew. Punter? PUNTER? No more defensive players until Round Five? ROUND FIVE? Grade: C-

Miami Dolphins:

Colin: Why take the backup (Ronnie Brown) when you can take the starter (Cadillac Williams)? Sidenote: Saban still really likes the SEC as evidenced by his draft. Grade: B

Gavin: I agree wholeheartedly with Colin. Why do you draft a backup running back with the second pick overall? Why do you pass on Braylon Edwards? Still, Matt Roth and Channing Crowder were excellent later picks. Grade: B

Minnesota Vikings:

Colin: I don't know why you would take any wide receiver over Mike Williams, but Erasmus James could really help them if he plays up to his potential. Grade: A-

Gavin: Didn't like the pick of Troy Williamson. All the speed in the world doesn't matter if he can't play, and South Carolina didn't showcase anything that Williams wouldn't have done. I do like the Erasmus James pick, but the rest of the draft didn't provide much defensive help. Grade: B

New England Patriots:

Colin: Does it even matter? No matter what happens, they are great for a long time. Grade: B

Gavin: I'm going to do it... this was a crappy draft. Maybe they prove me wrong, but I doubt it. They drafted the USC backup QB, for crying out loud, over the former Heisman Trophy winner. Grade: C-

New Orleans Saints:

Colin: They took a flier on Adrien McPherson, which might turn out to be the best pick of the draft. He has serious talent. Grade: B+

Gavin: Aaron Brooks is still wildly inconsistent, so drafting McPherson made sense. They also landed the best OT prospect in the draft in Jammal Brown. Didn't like the safety they drafted, but Chase Lyman and Alfred Fincher were excellent picks. Grade: B+

New York Giants:

Colin: No first-rounder, and no terrific picks, though Prisco thought that Justin Tuck was a great choice. I don't. Grade: C-

Gavin: I like Corey Webster. He will immediately help the Giants. I like nothing else. Grade: C

New York Jets:

Colin: I really like the use of the pick on a kicker. Not any kicker. This guy will win plenty of games for the Jets. Ballsy move that will pay off with me giving them an... Grade: A-

Gavin: Mike Nugent was a terrific pick. He would not have been around next time through. Now when Herm Edwards decides to blow a game, he will have a better kicker to pull him out of the fire. Justin Miller was a steal for cornerback and Sione Pouha was part of that excellent Utah defense. The Jets might not draft well often, but they did this time. Grade: A

Oakland Raiders:

Colin: Andrew Walter goes from ASU to the silver and black, ending any hope of a certain ex-UW quarterback of being the future. Grade: B+

Gavin: Fabian Washington was a reach of a first round choice (see Justin Miller above). Andrew Walter wasn't much of a college quarterback. I still don't know how he got the statistics he did. He was awful in any big game. Grade: C

Philadelphia Eagles:

Colin: Another solid, solid draft filled with players that can help them. They don't go for the questionable player, they just go with the best players. Grade: B+

Gavin: The team we want to draft like. Nobody special, but they had no holes. Good players up and down the line. Especially like Mike Patterson and Matt McCoy. Could have done better to find a backup for Brian Westbrook. Grade: B

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Colin: Heath Miller will be catching many a touchdown from Big Ben. I guarantee it. Grade: B+

Gavin: Heath Miller was a terrific pick late in the first round. Bryant McFadden was a good second round pick. However, they needed a quality wide receiver to replace Plaxico Burress and Reggie Brown was not the answer. They will regret that. Grade: B

St. Louis Rams:

Colin: Read below for further detail. Nothing special here. Grade: C

Gavin: Not good at all. Grade: D

San Diego Chargers:

Colin: Luis Castillo, if he is off the juice, will help them, and there were a slew of other good players now on their way to sunny San Diego. Grade: A

Gavin: I believe that it was a one-time deal for Catillo, although he wasn't first round talent. Shawne Merriman however will be darn good, and I really like the pickup of Darren Sproles as a polar opposite third down back. Grade: A-

San Francisco 49ers:

Colin: Again, read below. Grade: A-

Gavin: Not impressed. Grade: C

Seattle Seahawks:

Colin: I've said enough on these guys. Grade: B-

Gavin: Solid. Grade: B

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Colin: Finally, the taker for Cadillac Williams. I believe they found the best running back of the draft. Grade: B

Gavin: Cadillac Williams is a good back... but the Bucs have Michael Pittman and needed a wide receiver or corner, which this draft had in spades. Like the draft of Barrett Ruud quite a bit. Nothing else is that tremendous. Grade: C

Tennessee Titans:

Colin: I just don't know what all the hype is about Pac-Man Jones. I just haven't seen it. Grade: B-

Gavin: Is this the same Pac-Man that I saw get burned all those times in college? Good receiving skills, but should have gone with Antrel Rolle. They'll regret it. A lot of reach picks with the rest of the draft, including the Eastern Washington guy when Khalif Barnes was still around. Grade: C-

Washington Redskins:

Colin: Jason Campbell? Again, I don't see the transition to the NFL being too kind here. Anyone remember a certain great college QB named Akili Smith? Grade: C-

Gavin: Another woeful offensive team that drafted defense first. Come on people! The NFC was boring last year! I'm higher on Jason Campbell than Colin is, but Gibbs could have had Aaron Rodgers with his first pick and a wide receiver with his second. Maybe some offensive line help so that the running game could actually get off the ground or that Patrick Ramsey wouldn't be running for his life every game. Poor... Grade: F

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