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Saturday, April 23, 2005

NFL Draft - First Round End

1:16: I had this one off by one pick as Jacksonville selects Matt Jones, WR, Arkansas. This converted quarterback just oozes potential, and although I personally would have gone with Mark Clayton, he has the ability to be a gamebreaker. Again, this is a condemnation of the poor work of Reggie Williams. If Williams comes around, the offense will be much improved. Next up Baltimore, who should take around one minute to select Clayton or Aaron Rodgers (although since they have a Tedford project already they may hesitate on Rodgers and take Jason Campbell instead?).

1:19: (Colin) I love this pick. This guy is a difference-maker, who will pose HUGE problems for defenses. He can rule over linebackers or cornerbacks. This is one of my favorite picks so far. Good job, Jacksonvillie. By the way, this is the Hawks Week 1 opponent.

1:24: Baltimore did pick quickly after all and went for Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma. What a steal at this pick. They absolutely needed a wide receiver after missing out on Terrell Owens last year. One of those pathetic offensive teams who didn't draft defense! What a perfect pick... last year for Kyle Boller to show anything, but a healthy Todd Heap will help as well. We're up next! Dan Cody and Channing Crowder still available. I think we'll take Cody.

1:28 (Colin) Well, the Hawks trade down to #26 with Oakland. No word on what else we got in that trade. I guess that they must not be worried about Cody being taken by Oakland, Green Bay, or Washington. I'm a little uneasy about this, but we'll see how it works out. I think that it is safe to say that Ruskell is not too worried about needing to fill a glaring weakness. He must be in "take a nice player at some point" mode. Update: The Hawks got a 4th round pick this year from Oakland. Now we have oodles of picks. Did we really need another one?

1:32: Obviously Oakland knew who they wanted when they traded with us, so they select Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska. Not sure who they were worried about getting this. Maybe Green Bay. Of course, neither of those teams are looking D-end also. Good pick for Oakland, didn't give up anything for it. Lower quality cornerback than the others, not as good as Buchanon, but the best corner available. I thought Oakland needed a running back more, a JJ Arrington... maybe a defensive tackle...
Next up now is Green Bay, who need a backup to Brett Favre. What a perfect situation for Jason Campbell or Aaron Rodgers. Look for both quarterbacks to be taken back-to-back.

1:43: Good to see Aaron Rodgers on the phone for the past few minutes... Green Bay makes the right choice, Rodgers, QB, California. Green Bay gets the successor to Brett Favre as the absolute STEAL of the draft. What luck for the Packers... without a poor season you get that type of talent to replace your All-Pro QB. This will be seen in the future as the best pick of the 2005 draft, hands down. Congratulations Mike Sherman and Ted Thompson for not getting a worse defensive player and cementing the future of the franchise. Next up Washington, and hopefully an offensive player like Jason Campbell.

1:46: (Colin) Great, absolutely great pick by the Packers. I was vehemently disagreeing with Randy Mueller (which I almost never do) as he was saying the Pack should stick with a defensive pick. Favre almost retired after last season, and now, finally, the Packers have the heir apparent, who will be able to have a year or two on the bench learning the system before being able to step in. If I'm a Packers fan, this is a terrific pick, maybe not for this year, but for the future of the franchise.

1:56: Washington is finally ready to pick, and select Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn. Hey, I was right. This was a good pick for Washington at this point. I still think they could have used a playmaker at wide receiver instead of the defensive player earlier, but they must feel that the skill players they have are acceptable. This is an upgrade on Patrick Ramsey and Mark Brunell... will he start next year? Now we are on the clock again! Dan Cody still available...

2:06: Each section on ESPN last around five minutes, followed by three minutes of commercials. They actually could spend some time doing analysis on teams and players. Good thing I can switch between this and Detroit-Philly.

2:09: The Hawks have used much of their time to select and they finally start doing some analysis and talk about Roddy White, who is a wide receiver... do they see that we just signed Jerome Pathon? Torry Holt called us out on mental toughness, which is most definitely the case last season. That was absolutely godawful analysis. The pick is in, and we select Chris Spencer, C, Ole Miss. So... do we want defensive help? I guess we went with the best available center instead of anybody on the defensive board. This is just a little odd for me.

2:13: (Colin) Why in the world would we have taken Roddy White? What? What? I am... well... ok with this pick. More of a C+, maybe B- pick to me. I would have given Dan Cody a solid B grade, but I can understand the thinking. We do not have any center depth, and Tobeck is not getting any younger. If this kid improves, it might turn out to be a solid pick. I guess I have to put my trust in Ruskell on this one.

2:18: Next up is Atlanta and the rest of the deep playoff teams. None of these teams have serious needs, but Atlanta could use some wide receiver help and with Roddy White still on the board should lean that way.

2:24: Atlanta select Roddy White, WR, UAB. Perfect pick for them and should be excited to have him fall into their laps. Michael Vick and Alge Crumpler have to be pleased to have some real offensive support in the passing attack. San Diego has another pick now, and I think Khalif Barnes might be their choice for offensive line depth. Solid talent still available and you can never have enough talent at offensive line.

2:32: This is about to set a record for the longest first round in NFL history. I'm pretty sure this is all about how close the talent is, there have been very few easy decisions. That's why so many teams have used the entire fifteen minutes allotted. It makes this whole liveblog thing a little dull, but bearable. I have some Coke with Lime and am ready for more.

2:35: The Chargers are ready to pick, and select with pick 28 Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern, who sent a letter to the teams admitting steroid use. Interesting pick. If the player is better than the drugs, he will be an excellent addition. I still think an OL or WR would have been a better call for them. If he wanted a DT, I would have had Mike Patterson from USC higher.
Next up is Indianapolis who probably will take a QB... or not. They sure need defense, my guess is the corner still out there, Marlin Jackson from Michigan.

2:41: Indianapolis selects Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan. Whenever I'm right I call it a solid pick. Great selection for them to drop all the way to 29. Jackson's a solid corner who also played safety. Best defensive player left and that's what Indianapolis needed as they try to actually stop New England and Tom Brady every once in a while. Pittsburgh is on the clock and should quickly select Heath Miller, the TE from Virginia. Best player left, and Roethlisberger needs the big across the middle threat.

2:44: I was right in that Pittsburgh was fast in coming in with their pick, and here it comes... Heath Miller, TE, Virginia. What a fantastic pick for Pittsburgh. Perfect fit for their biggest need. They have to have that type of tight end for their offense, and they were exposed in the playoffs as an outside WR passing offense. This will help Hines Ward stretch the field. Still need another big WR target, but this is a great pick. Now on to Philly and probably Dan Cody to replace Derrick Burgess. Also a running back like JJ Arrington (like in my mock draft) could help lighten the load for Brian Westbrook.

2:49: Philly is also fast coming with their pick, and select Mike Patterson, DT, USC. They needed some line help, and this is a pretty good pick. The Eagles don't have glaring needs, and this gives Patterson some time to develop. He'll help plug the line and allow for the type of blitzing Jim Johnson loves. When you are coming to the end here with teams without huge holes, there is no such thing as a reach. Final pick coming up here for New England. I would guess they go with a cornerback or safety here.

3:00: 6 hours in, the first round finally comes to an end with the Patriots selecting Logan Mankins, OG, Fresno State. This is probably to replace Joe Andruzzi. I guess when you are a dynasty you can select anyone you want. Still, I think they needed cornerback help, so Earth, Wind, Fire and wide receivers aren't your starters.

Well that's it! Read through all this at your own peril. Colin and I will have more analysis in the next couple of days.

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