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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Next stop: Chicago

Probable starters:

Friday: Piniero vs. Garland

Saturday: Franklin vs. Buerhle

Sunday: Meche (what the?) vs. Freddy Garcia

This will be a TOUGH series that I believe we will only win one game in. Piniero might be a little jazzed making his first start of the season, while Garland has been pitching us tough for a couple of years now. Buerhle is always great against us, while asking Franklin for two incredible starts in a row is akin to asking my wife to give up buying shoes. That leaves Sunday, where I believe that Freddy will get riled to pitch against us and will lose a high-scoring affair.

Again, I will be happy to win the one game here. The White Sox are playing excellent ball right now, and this is the wrong time to be playing them, especially at home. Two wins would be phenomenal, but unlikely.

As for Meche even getting the start, I just do not understand why we would not sit him more. Do we really not believe him that he is not feeling well? Has Bryan Price seen his last two starts? Atrocious! Oh well, at least I have until 5pm tomorrow to soak up the sweep at KC.

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