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Saturday, April 16, 2005

M's: Ten (now eleven) games in

The Mariners were a .500 team for the first ten games of the year. Let's take a brief look at the overall positive and negative aspects of that record.

Pitching injuries - the loss of Madritsch will be huge, and there is something wrong with Meche
Depending on Franklin and Sele - do I need to explain why this is a bad thing?
Horrible bench - Worst I have ever seen. Not one bat I feel we can depend on. Spiezio has, if possible, gotten worse from last year. Dobbs is overmatched.
Guardado - Blew one save, almost blew another. Still seems as if he is working through some kinks in the ol' system.
Shoddy defense - Our defense has cost us 1 or 2 games already. We heard all through the offseason about the improved defense. Well, show us the glove, guys!
Hargrove - Some absolutely inexplicable moves. My favorite was leaving Thornton in after 2 innings, when Delluci hit the 2-run bomb to give the Rangers the win.

Richie Sexson - Wow. He is a huge addition to the lineup, even more than Beltre. He is a constant home-run threat, and I don't even mind his K's like I did with Cameron.
Adrian Beltre - Sure, he only has 1 home-run so far. But I love his AB's, he has come up with several clutch hits, and his defense has not disappointed.
Ichiro - He is, and always will be, the man.
Jamie Moyer - If he continues to pitch like this, pressure will be lifted from Piniero.
Jeremy Reed - I love this guy. Is he a superstar? No. Is he a quality major-league player? Absolutely.
Clutch offense - This guys are hitting with RISP. Sure, it has fallen off a tad in Chicago, but I like what I have seen.
Comebacks - This is the biggest positive overall. These guys never give up. When they are down 5-0, I don't just turn off the TV. I know there is still a chance, and there is. The game in Chicago, the 6-4 loss, would have been 6-0 last year. I guarantee it. There is just more heart in that lineup, and that is a great feeling as a fan.

Overall, is this a playoff team? I still have my doubts. Is that a better team than last year? Definitely. And with the way that the rest of the AL West has started, we might be able to stay in the race for awhile. On to the next ten games!

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