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Thursday, April 21, 2005

M's Series Preview: Cleveland

Cleveland is off to a slow start, hurt by an inconsistent bullpen and a low-scoring offense. The offense will come around, but we have to hope that the slow start continues through this series.

Friday: Meche vs. Sabathia

Ouch. Not the type of matchup that imbues a ton of confidence. Sabathia has become better and better throughout his career, and has always been tough against the M's. Meche did have his best start of the season last time out, but still has at least one big inning to look forward to. This is an easy game to pick for the Indians, but I'm going to throw a curveball out and declare this one for the M's. I have no reason why, but have a sneaking suspicion that a lead change in the late innings will decide this one.

Saturday: Lee vs. Sele

Against a homerun hitting team.... ouch for Sele. This should be a high-scoring affair, but I see the Indians jumping out to an early lead and hanging on for the W.

Sunday: Elarton vs. Moyer

Moyer will be solid, and Elarton has had a rocky start to the season. This matchup is very much in favor of the Mariners, and should be the easiest win of the series for either team.

So.... looks like the M's would take 2 out of 3.

Predictions so far: 8-2
M's record during that time: 6-4

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