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Thursday, April 28, 2005

M's Series Preview: at Oakland

Well, we finally took a series from an AL West opponent! Yeah! Now our season can truly begin... with what might turn out to be the most boring series ever, what with our current offense matched up against the ghastly Oakland offense.

Friday: Sele vs. Haren

The good news: Haren is off to a slow start. The bad news: Aaron Sele is pitching. The good news: He is pitching against the A's, the one team that he might work well against. In fact, I think he will..... and we will see a W on the horizon.

Saturday: Moyer vs. Blanton

Moyer always pitches well against the A's, but Blanton has started off real, real tough. This will be the first time the M's see him, and that is never a good sign. This will probably be a tough 2-1 loss for the good guys.

Sunday: Piniero vs. Zito

After seeing Piniero pitch well against the Rangers, I can see him absolutely shut down the A's. In fact, we could easily run away with this game. W.

We don't have to face Rich Harden. Thank you. He will be a thorn in the Mariner's side for a long, long time.

My record on predictions so far: 11-5
M's record during this time period: 9-7

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