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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

M's pitching good?

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times has some interesting stats that go against one of the popular notions of this early season... that our pitching staff is really weak. Personally, I feel that Larry and the M's are grasping at straws if they feel that all their questions have been answered. Our pitching has kept us in games, yes, but it has also lost plenty of them. We have had three games already blown by our bullpen. So while we can throw a lot of shutout innings, we all to often have stunk when it counts, one large inning. We need a healthy Piniero, for Meche to suck it up, and for Madritsch to be back in three weeks. We need Guardado to work his arm strength back, for Sele and Moyer to keep beating back the clock. These are not marks of a powerful top-ten staff. We will be good... not great.

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