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Friday, April 08, 2005

M's 9, Rangers 6

I wasn't going to write a post tonight... just flew in from San Jose and my arms are tired. However, you just pass up writing on this game. Look, the M's aren't a playoff team now after this win. Instead, let's look at things this way. On Opening Night, we scored all five runs on home runs. Wouldn't have happened last year. Tonight we came from behind three times. Did we ever do that last year? Three times! Yes, against Texas, but still... so if this is last year's team we would be 0-4 right now. The offensive improvements give us the chance to make mistakes. We made huge mistakes tonight, making errors on two straight double play balls. The bullpen failing to throw strikes. This was an impressive win. Let's allow ourselves a night of excitement.

Also, good job Aaron Sele! He kept us in the game against a great offense, and that's all we could ask for!

In our next edition of "Inexplicable Mike Hargrove Moves" how about pulling Jeremy Reed for Scott Spiezio for a crucial at-bat in the seventh? We got bailed out by the umpire not calling an obvious third strike, and then got bailed out by Willie Bloomquist's single in the eighth. Why do you pull the kid who needs confidence and just had a clutch two-out double in his last at-bat for a retread? Why? It's inexplicable. I'm not all that impressed with Mike Hargrove so far.

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