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Monday, April 11, 2005

M's 8, Royals 2

Finally, a game that we put away in the late innings. This game wasn't televised, so I was using cbssportsline's gamecast to "watch". I will say this, Runelvys Hernandez was ripping the AL a new one last year before he got hurt. He is a quality pitcher and I wish him the best, because the Royals could use a star, or basically a pitcher. Good job Ryan Franklin! Until the 9th inning, he barely even had anything to even wiggle out of. However, I still see him as a stopgap solution because he, in 8.2 innings pitched, had exactly one strikeout. That puts a ton of pressure on the defense and gives more opportunities for seeing eye singles, bloops, and other such oddities that we have grown accustomed to in the first week of the season. He must have been upset about the one run we'd scored until the eighth, though, kind of a "will you ever score a damn run for me?" sort of thing. Again, we see how explosive the M's can be this year. Power, shown with Adrian Beltre hitting his first. Consistent hitting, including doubles. Constant pressure up and down the lineup. Welcome back Miguel Olivo to the world of hitting! Even Wilson Valdez has looked okay the past few games.

Colin:Well, I apologize (for now) to Ryan Franklin. An absolutely stellar performance, marked by absolutely NO home-runs allowed. Adrian Beltre got his first M's home-run out of the way as the 8th inning, once again, became the Mariner's friend. I hope that becomes a trend, because that brings back shades of 2001.

Franklin (8 2/3, 2ER)
Beltre (First HR of season)
Boone (His RBI was it for 7 innings)
Lineup (Got to Hernandez, who was pitching well, by working the count and tiring him for that 8th inning)

Ibanez and Winn (had several chances to knock in a run in those first 7)

Overall, my prediction stated earlier today is one more win (and loss) away from coming true. We are off tomorrow for some odd reason, but back on Wednesday!

So I say again... go away Steve Kelley...

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