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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

M's 7, Rangers 4

A tale of two teams. One possesses tremendous power, but lacks strong pitching, especially in the clutch. The other possesses little to no power, but has shown themselves to possess a little more clutch pitching. Guess which team is which?

- I loved how the M's played add-on, both in the 3rd and in the 9th. There have been several games this season already where the M's have jumped out to early leads, and then failed to score the rest of the game.

- Miguel Olivo fell a few times, but had a huge double to back up his great hits from Sunday. Um... please continue this?

- Beltre had one of his best hitting games as a Mariner, and Sexson joined him. Wow, our lineup looks so much better when those two guys are on. Just a completely different flow to the game.

- Raul Ibanez is terrific at that 6 slot. He should have plenty of opportunities with men on base.

- Piniero is still inconsistent, even though a few of those home-runs were on good pitches. If he is really going to be an ace, he needs to have shut-down potential, not 3-4 runs a game potential like he is showing so far this year.

- Guardado is looking better and better as the season goes along.

- Alright.... on to tomorrow (Franklin vs. Rogers). Another win would be great!

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