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Saturday, April 09, 2005

M's 6, Rangers 7

So what has happened to this hyped up infield defense? Last night Sexson and Valdez have back to back errors, which put us in a hole. Tonight Boone muffs an easy grounder through the legs, which would have had the Rangers at 2 down, nobody on. These are backbreaking errors. Yes, the offense has generally been able to come back, but this just cannot continue. It's ridiculous.
For today's edition of Inexplicable Mike Hargrove Moves, I give you two pitching moves: putting Moyer out in the sixth and putting Guardado out in back-to-back games. Moyer had thrown a lot of pitches through five, was obviously not getting people out (although the umpire had a lot to do with it... he was squeezing Moyer and giving Astacio four feet outside), and Hasegawa was ready. It didn't make any sense. Now, this does look like hindsight, and if Boone doesn't have that error, maybe Guardado has a one-two-three ninth, but he didn't pitch in any real games in Spring Training. Is it worth the risk to his arm when he hasn't really stretched it out yet? That's my opinion on him giving up the two homers.
Well, games like today happen. Games you had won, games you should win, games that keep you up at night. Not much more you can say. Boone and Guardado are supposed to make those plays. They didn't.

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