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Sunday, April 17, 2005

M's 5, White Sox 4

It was interesting to watch Freddy Garcia pitch like, well, Freddy Garcia, except this time against us. Did anyone else have an out-of-body experience watching this game? Garcia would mow down batters for selected parts of the game. Garcia would give up a home-run or two. And, most importantly, Garcia would let his temper control him for one inning and give up some runs. That 5th inning (M's scored 3 runs) was classic Freddy Garcia. He gave up the tying run and seemed to lose some focus. Then Valdez hit the single that a Dye error turned into a triple. Garcia lost even more focus, intentionally walking Ichiro. The Reed bat was exceedingly frustrating for him, as he constantly tried to get Reed to chase off-speed pitches instead of coming after him with his fastball. Then Beltre, where he gave in and Beltre made him pay. Just a normal Garcia inning. Must have watched that dozens of times with him in a Mariners uniform. It is still the difference between Garcia the ace and Garcia the excellent #3 rotation starter.

Meche, on the other hand, had his best start of the season. I have no idea why, as I cringed through most of his innings. He kept his big inning to 3 runs, and that seemed to give him more confidance. Maybe he knows that the one big inning is coming, and that weighs on him all game until it actually happens. Well, it happened, and he was able to focus and get into the 7th inning afterwards. Of course, I also thank the umpire for calling out Carl Everett on a checked swing in the 5th. Horrible call, but I'll take it.

I hate to say it, but I predicted this entire series. I am glad to get out of there and on to Anaheim.

Monday: Sele vs. Byrd: If Sele pitches as well as he has, we have an excellent chance to win this one. The Angels are off to a semi-slow start offensively, and we have to hope that continues for another two games. Byrd is not an ace, and we should score some runs off him. Hopefully Sexson will be back.

Tuesday: Moyer vs. Gregg: Moyer always seems to pitch well against the Angels. This is not like me, but I am actually going to predict us taking both of these games. The matchups are in our favor, and we should have a little momentum coming off the win today.

Gavin: I loved how I could call the game as it progressed. I knew that Meche would throw down for a bit, I knew we would come back... I just didn't know if we were going to hold on. Every Day Eddie is quickly becoming a heartburn waiting to happen. Two Mariners items... our defense is still putting us in some serious holes. The eighth inning should have been a huge inning for the White Sox, and yet JJ Putz pitched brilliantly out of it. I just don't see why we are unable to turn double plays, have at least one wild pitch a game, and miss one grounder. It's happening way too often. Two, our RISP is a ridiculous .340, which is helping our offense stay afloat even if none of our hitters outside of Ichiro can do anything consistently. Hopefully by the time that number comes down our averages will come up to the point that it doesn't matter. Finally, we have our Mike Hargrove Idiot Manager Move of the Day. Sending Jeremy Reed in the first inning was ridiculous... Freddy was struggling with his control, and Raul Ibanez (who hits Freddy well) was at the plate. There was no reason to put additional pressure on... just let Freddy hurt himself. Yet Hargrove sent Reed, depriving us of a run when Ibanez rode one out of the yard. Every game Hargrove surprises me a little bit more...

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