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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

M's 5, Angels 3

It seems as if I only have time to blog when the Mariners win, which is a good thing. It was an absolutely atrocious game last night, and the Mariners followed it up with a game where they asked the Angels to win and the Angels declined. We had over 20 individuals left on base IN A TWO-GAME SERIES!!! That is insane. Absolutely nuts.

Some notes:
- Well, there was Sele. He does give up those, um, home-runs.
- When will the Gold-Glove Bret Boone come to the park? Boonie had another defensive lapse, and seems to be lost at times out in the field. I never thought I would write that.
- I don't care how many times Sexson strikes out, he brings a LOT to our lineup. He, along with our bullpen, won us this game.
- As for our bullpen, I am getting a little more impressed as the early season goes along. Villone has been tough, Putz has a good start, and even Thornton has had a few nice outings. The Angels' is still far superior, but this is a better part of our team then I thought it would be coming into the season.
- Moyer is starting out the season throwing like I had become accustomed to watching him throw. It really seems like he cares again. Maybe he just gave up last year. I don't know, but he had an excellent game, even with a couple of home-runs to Guerrero and Finley.
- Ichiro already has 5 intentional walks. That is crazy.

Well, back home against Oakland!
Wednesday: Zito vs. Piniero
Thursday: Harden vs. Franklin

Wow. We get the best that Oakland has to offer for this brief two-game set. I will call a split, simply because one of these two pitchers WILL shut us down. No question. The only real question is which pitcher will do it. However, I got to give us a win due to Oakland's terrible offense, which has really come out and stunk it up. So... two low-scoring games, with each of us winning one.

Predictions so far: 6-2
M's record during that time: 5-3

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