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Friday, April 29, 2005

M's 4, A's 2

What a win! And what I mean by that is.... how the heck did we win this game? I mean, wow, the A's had runners in scoring position basically every single inning. Did the A's hitters swing and miss once versus Sele? I can't remember one, though I did flip back and forth to the Sonics game every now and then.

A few notes:

- Let's hope that the home-run shakes up Boone and gets him out of this slump.
- That "improved defense" has finally started to show up these past few games. I am especially enjoying Beltre at third. Excellent hands and range.
- Aaron Sele somehow gets hitters out.... somehow. I still can't see him lasting in the rotation till the All-Star game.

On to Hargrove:
Two things. 1. In a 3-1 game, when pitchers such as Mateo haven't pitched in a week and Villone is a better set-up guy, why do you put in Thornton, who has yet to prove that he is anywhere near clutch?
2. Then, finally, you put in Putz, just in time to let him face a string of left-handed hitters, with Villone sitting there waiting in the bullpen.

You know, this time it worked, but I am continually amazed at some of the early decisions I have seen from our new manager. Fortunately the W stands, and it would be extremely nice to take the game tomorrow to win the series. Moyer vs. Blanton, 1 PM.

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