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Thursday, April 14, 2005

M's 10, Royals 2

The Mariners again used the big inning to put away Kansas City for the second time this series and get the sweep. Yes, this is Kansas City, but the truth is that they looked great AT Anaheim (not LAAAAAAAA) and at Detroit earlier this year. We shut them down in three games, never giving up more than two runs. Each starter worked deep into the game, we got clutch hitting up and down the lineup, and our defense was stellar (not counting the error today). I would say that the M's showed where a bit of the flukiness was last week.

Jaime Moyer most definitely did not have his best stuff today. The Royals were getting single after single. Yet Moyer kept it in the ballpark and got it under control after the 3rd, when Joe Buck flew out with the bases loaded. Wilson Valdez had a huge double to start to break it open in the fourth, and of course Jeremy Reed cleared the bases later in the inning to seal the deal. Valdez has proven me wrong about his signing... I sure hope we keep him on the bench once Pokey comes off the DL. It will help us move Jose Lopez to second. As for Jeremy Reed, this is the best I've ever seen a player hit under .200. Maybe he's just hitting when it counts, but I'm still pretty confident whenever he comes to the plate. I think he needs to start hitting it on the ground more regularly... he pops out a lot right now.

Hopefully Adrian Beltre's back problem is minor, but I'm sure our offense could survive for a few games without him... we just would prefer not to. I love all these home runs we're hitting, too. It's still not close to where the M's were at a few years ago, but it's easy runs.

I mentioned this earlier, but Ryan Franklin only had one strikeout in over 8 innings pitched. This didn't seem all that conducive to continued success. Derek Zumsteg of USS Mariner had the same thoughts and wrote it up better than I can. I still don't know if our defense can make Ryan a consistent pitcher, but it will knock his ERA down a peg.

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