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Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday Night Football shake-up

The much hinted-at change in the storied primetime tradition is finally a reality, as in 2006 Monday Night Football will move to ESPN from sister station ABC. I suppose most of us could care less, except if you live in the sticks and don't get basic cable. I don't understand why ABC makes this move, considering they are sister stations and MNF is a consistent ratings producer, especially since Madden moved in. I wonder is ESPN will finally create an opening that doesn't include Hank Williams... please Lord, let it be so.

In a related move, ESPN lost Sunday Night Football to NBC. NBC did a great job with football when they had it (wish they'd get it back from CBS, who do as good a job as possible to make NFL football as dull as a baseball postseason game), are doing an amazing job with Arena football (making it a real sport), and I'm glad to see them with this as well. The people in the sticks will be pleased.

All in all, we lose some tradition for no apparent reason. Yippee.

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