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Sunday, April 24, 2005

MLB Weekly Thoughts

1. The St. Louis Cardinals are a darn good team and are about to pull away in the NL Central again. They have three legitimate aces in Matt Morris, Mark Mulder, and Chris Carpenter. Any team that makes the World Series other than them wil be a minor upset.

2. Commentators are starting to figure out that Oakland has no offense. This is not a surprise. They should have asked Colin and I. They will have a few long losing streaks because of that, and many 2-1 losses.

3. The NL East is ripe for the taking. Atlanta is starting to finally show the wear of losing so much offense every year, John Smoltz is losing all these 1-0 games. Washington is my sleeper choice. Having an actual home is going to be huge psychologically for them.

4. The Chicago White Sox are not as good as their record indicates. They are a ridiculous 9-1 in one-run games. This will not continue. Their offense is not good enough. Carl Everett cannot be the number three hitter on a first place team. Their bullpen is not solid enough to maintain the pace. Look for them to hit the skids within the next month and come back to Earth.

5. Ditto for the LA Dodgers. LA's pitching has been unreal, but their hitting is poor enough that the wins will not keep coming at the same rate.

6. Pitching across the league is improved... or steroid use is down. Take your pick. I just can't believe how many quality starters these teams are facing day in and day out. The Mariners haven't faced a scrub starter in forever. It just makes for entertaining baseball and will keep more teams in the hunt for playoff spots.

7. The Yankees are not as bad as their record indicates, but aren't that great either. When you overspend on career-year pitching you open yourself up for exactly what's happened. Knee jerk reaction spending and a high team ERA. Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano are struggling with the move to New York. Randy Johnson will be inconsistent... he's 42. Mike Mussina looks worse each and every year. Tom Gordon is struggling. Rivera's blown two saves. This pitching, coupled with an aging lineup will keep the Yankees close to earth.

Again, I'm really enjoying this season so far. The storylines are entertaining and the parity is fun. Keep on paying attention!

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