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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mariners Report: 20 games in

As I am wont to do, I have decided to do a mini-report every ten games on how the Mariners are playing....

Record: 10-10
Standings: 2nd place in AL West, 1 game back


- Ichiro is continuing to be, well, Ichiro. I still would like to see him try to achieve somewhat of an actual power stroke. I know he's capable of it, and it would be a boost to our lineup.

- Jeremy Reed, slowly but surely, is making that batting average rise. It now stands at around .270, and figures to continue to rise as his AB's are consistently quality.

- As I blogged about earlier, Beltre and Sexson will come around, and their strong presence in our lineup is incredible. A huge boost.

- Boone is having an average season. Nothing special, but that grand slam against Zito was huge.

- Don't look now, but Ibanez is starting to heat up. This will be huge, and will include some home runs, and soon.

- Randy Winn is still in the lineup.

- Miguel Olivo had huge hits the last couple of games. Let us all hope that will continue.

- Come to us, Pokey Reese!


- A tip of the cap to the ageless wonder. Jamie Moyer is pitching the best I have seen him since 2001. Amazing.

- Joel Piniero still looks like a good #2 starter. He is not, yet, taking the "ace leap" that was bandied about this winter.

- Who is Gil Meche? Why is Gil Meche? Can anyone explain Gil Meche to me?

- Aaron Sele is still pitching for us. Explain.

- Ryan Franklin is learning, once again, why it sucks to be him and get no run support. Of course, it's his luck that he is up against Buerhle and Harden.

- And a big congrats to our bullpen, who have become stronger and stronger as time has gone by. Excellent work down there, and I hope it continues.

Overall I am impressed. I did not think we would still be at the .500 mark 20 games into the season. Let us hope this continues through the next ten...

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