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Friday, April 08, 2005

"Loaded" Tacoma Rainiers?

The PI had an interesting article previewing the Rainiers today. Dan Rohn is quoted as saying that they might be better than last year's team. This article is juxtaposed against Art Thiel's piece where he raises the point that it was as soon as last year where the Mariners farm system was praised as "rich in young pitching prospects". So what are we to believe? I look at that roster and see Felix Hernandez as the only sure-fire star. There is Choo and Jose Lopez (though he starts on the DL) who could easily be producers at the major-league level in a year or two. There are the underachievers such as Campillo, Nageotte, and Heaverlo, who, if healthy both physically and mentally, could help. But I just don't see our farm system ready to produce a whole ton of talent. It seems like the Rangers and the A's are MUCH better at working individuals through their farm system and become huge producers at the major league level. Well, I'll enjoy King Felix, at the very least.

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